You probably know that in most sectors, one of the most important conditions for a company's competitiveness is its ability to innovate as well as how the company can use this capability, that is, to turn it into a business success.

The innovation capability of the enterprise is based on its knowledge portfolio, which basically consists of two parts:

  • the knowledge and experience gained during the operation of the enterprise (that newly created enterprises do not, of course, have);
  • existing knowledge and experience in the minds of the owners and employees (that even the newly established companies have).

Another important element of innovation capability is the innovation management knowledge and activity, with the application of which we are able to

  • gather, organize, store and keep the elements of an enterprise's knowledge portfolio, and expand the portfolio continuously with new knowledge,
  • create a marketable new product or service, a new process or technology that facilitates production or service development, a new organizational structure, business model that makes operation more efficient, and / or a sales promotion marketing method by activating the productivity, creativity and professional knowledge of owners and employees.

Of course, your business may not have all the knowledge and capability needed for that innovation process, and then these capabilities will have to be acquired by involving others (e.g. other businesses, universities, research institutes, etc.).

There are many approaches to innovation management knowledge. Choosing the most suitable for you, or making the most effective combinations, is almost impossible.

In order to standardize a wide range of high-quality, sometimes inconsistent high-level information, the CEN / TS 16555 "Innovation Management". European standard family has been set up. When developing our curriculum, we have been applying the knowledge of the standard family.

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