The CEN/TS 16555-1 „Innovation Management System” standard

The Innovation Management standard is part of the management standards (e.g. ISO 9000, ISO 14000, etc.). However, it largely differs from them in its concept. A common feature of all the other standards is that you have to comply with certain conditions laid in them, and this conformity is needed, or could be attested for.

The CEN/TS 16555-1 standard however, does not have coherent requirements to comply with, but the goal of the system of conditions and the Technical Specification is „to guide organizations to introduce, develop, and maintain a framework for systematic innovation management practices, an Innovation Management System.

The standard entitled “Innovation Management” consists of 7 parts:

  1. Innovation management system (16555-1:2013)
  2. Strategic intelligence management (16555-2:2014)
  3. Innovation thinking (16555-3:2014)
  4. Intellectual property management (16555-4:2014)
  5. Collaboration management (16555-5:2014)
  6. Creativity management (16555-6:2014)
  7. Innovation management assessment (16555-7:2015)

Establishing a management system based on the standard would allow organizations to become more innovative and to achieve more success with their product, service, process, organizational design and business model innovations. This would foster organization’s results, value, and competitiveness.

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