Improvement of the innovation management system

“Not every idea is suitable for implementation, no matter how exciting and interesting it may appear. For what is essential is not the number of innovations but their benefit for the customer. And the other challenge lies in bringing the right innovations to market at the right time. We constantly develop a more performant IMS, according to the feedbacks we reive from the market and our employees.” - J. Schuster (Development unit), Daimler, automotive company, DE

An organization is continuously developing its innovation management system throughout the application of its proper innovation vision and strategy, by fine-tuning management skills, by setting goals and plans, by identifying the supportive/obstructive factors and implementing evaluations of performance and executive scrutiny.

The organization has to identify and correct the discrepancies of the innovation management system in order to keep it efficient. A timely schedule will need to be worked out with the necessary adjustments for the better performance and results. The introduction of changes need to meet the pre-set deadlines, moreover the accuracy of implementation and their impact on the innovation management system have to be controlled.

In order to facilitate and promote internal learning and development, the management should share the experiences among the employees and, in some cases, also among partners regarding the successfulness and development volumes.

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