Strategic intelligence management

A decision on starting an innovation project whether it is individual or based on cooperation- has to be made in a constantly changing environment. The main condition for a positive decision is to keep or improve competitiveness of the project owner(s). 

Strategic information has a key role in supporting information and knowledge-based decisions. These include:

  • understanding of present and future customer and market needs,
  • knowledge of competition,
  • understanding constraints,
  • identifying opportunities and risks,
  • identifying new outlets, partnerships,
  • identifying new services, products or processes, technological and regulatory changes, development of standards,
  • identifying financial resources.

The main areas related to strategic intelligence management in the IMS are

  • the involvement of top management in order to direct and monitor strategic intelligence management;
  • the definition of needs and uses, decision-making and innovation strategy by top management;
  • the integration into the culture of the organization’s interaction;
  • information/knowledge sharing between employees;
  • the identification of necessary and available resources (human, information, and hardware);
  • the implementation of appropriate means, such as performance indicators to ensure that the performance is adequate to ensure its timely monitoring, and effective corrective action initiation.

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