Innovation thinking

Innovation thinking is an iterative and systematic approach to explore problems and opportunities in order to identify significantly better solutions and anticipate future needs. It is important to involve all employees of the organisation.

Innovation thinking roots in traditional design techniques, which are related to the physical design process.

It is a scientific approach to explore how to take data (ideas, problems, opportunities, market forces and trends) from various sources, external and internal to the organisation and synthesise them (bring together and reconfigure in new ways). Then as set pieces of data, transform them into usable information. 

The main areas relating to innovation thinking in the IMS are:

  • the innovation management process;
  • taking any information and data and transforming them into knowledge appropriate to the organisation;
  • mitigating the risk of failure by testing ideas quickly and early in the process;
  • an approach in the application of any creative tools and techniques within the IMS;
  • one of the key drivers/enablers in creating the right culture as authorized by top management.

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