Team creativity

The process of team creativity

1. First phase is preparation, when data and information are collected. The condition to create something new is to know and understand what old is. Creative thoughts emerge only if we know and have experienced the given area thoroughly. In this phase, teams have advantage over individuals as the knowledge of the members are added, therefore they have access to a larger stock of information, and can more easily reach corresponding data.

2. Next step is brainstorming or generation of ideas, collecting ideas. We are more creative if there is a chance to embed our ideas into the practice of the company and we can feel that our contribution is useful. This feeling is bigger if clear goals are set - what we want to achieve and what will count useful. During brainstorming it is important not to be tempted to evaluate emerging ideas but to let a free flow of thoughts. This way participants can have an unbound idea flow and can generate unusual associations.

3. After collecting ideas, we can take a rest to let ideas ripe. In this phase thoughts can follow a spontaneous way, and the whole set of problems can get a new approach.

4. Following the steps above, new and unusual ideas can be generated. Very often we get a “AHA” experience, which is like finding the missing piece of a puzzle which was just there in front of us all the time. It also can happen that we systematically browse through all the listed ideas, until we end up with a totally new solution or one based on more ideas.

5. As a last step we have to select ideas to be implemented and will have to elaborate a complex solution. Adequate practical implementation of selected ideas for the improvement of the results of the organization is as important as generating ideas. In this phase we can assess the possible ways of implementation and to create a final, complex solution to our problem based on the most promising ideas.

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