Innovation management techniques

Applications of these techniques are often required for the correct development of innovation management and for increasing the business impact of innovation activities. These techniques are applied both at an IMS level for understanding context, developing strategy, as well as to generate, evaluate and select the new ideas, develop the innovation project: for example ensuring protection and dissemination of results, etc. The strategic intelligence process is based on the collection, processing, analysis and production of information and knowledge that contribute to the different decision-making stages of innovation management: decisions concerning projects to be launched, project drafting, project feasibility, product development and product launch, results to be protected, freedom to use, and regulatory and ethical constraints.

The strategic intelligence management shall be defined and implemented under the direction and the authority of top management.

The first part of the CEN/TS 16555 standard provides some examples but these do not represent an exhaustive list.

The most important ones:

  • Strategic intelligence management
  • Innovation thinking
  • Intellectual property management
  • Collaboration management.
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