Creativity management

Main areas of creativity management in the innovation management system:

  • definition of the innovation strategy: it should contain strategic elements of improving creativity,
  • forming management skills with creativity or enhancing creativity involvement/support of employees and their management during the creative process, idea generation and implementation; approving creativity and handling adjoining risks,
  • idea generation: identifying drivers for creativity (research on market and users) technological, economic and social trends) knowing costumers, sales system and business partners, open innovation and organizations supporting innovation, mapping possibilities, identifying problems, tolls to enhance creativity for idea generation,
  • documenting ideas, registration and review: classifying ideas as ideas to be invested  immediate, medium-term, and long-term , including dropped ideas; resources to support selecting future ideas and development,
  • issues about intellectual property rights: with respect to the property rights of newly generated ideas.

An essential part of creativity management within the innovation management system is to support forming creative groups and organizing them. Creativity is typical in those teams where members handle a project in cooperation. Generally, these groups are small and has a mix regarding expertise, cultural background, and thinking of members.

To enhance productivity, the team can employ external experts who can add new, more prosperous perspectives for new opportunities, and developments during the brainstorming sessions.

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